OS-E: 0015 Pretension Analysis using Gasket Material

Structure quarter symmetric pipe model with pretension bolt and a gasket seal, demonstrates the usage of gasket material and gasket seal specific results for diagnostics.

Figure 1. FE Model

Model Files

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Model Description

The finite element model, as shown in Figure 1, is constrained with symmetric boundary conditions and pretension force is applied on the bolt.

FE Model
Element Types
The linear material properties are:
Linear Material
Young’s Modulus
2.1E5 MPa
Poisson's Ratio
Gasket Material


Review the gasket seal status (sealing status of gasket is detected with the leakage pressure. If the gasket pressure is larger than the leakage pressure, it is detected to be sealed – the output status index value is 1; otherwise, it is leaking – the output status index value is 0) and gasket thickness direction closure/pressure, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Gasket Seal Status, Gasket Closure, and Gasket Pressure Plots