OS-E: 8020 Twisted Beam

This example demonstrates a twisted cantilever beam using Explicit analysis.

Figure 1. FE Model of Twisted Beam and Loading Conditions

Model Files

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Model Description

The beam is constrained in x, y and z directions for translational and rotational motion. The end of the beam has a Force load applied. The analysis is carried out for 2 subcases, one with TTERM 0.002 and the other with TTERM 0.005 and DYREL (Dynamic Relaxation), to avoid having any dynamic oscillations by making it static or quasi-static problem. This analysis is performed using OptiStruct’s Explicit via ANALYSIS = NLEXPL.

The material properties are:
Young's Modulus
29E+06 psi
Poisson's Ratio
7.33E-4 lbf s2/in4


  • Element Stresses

    Figure 2. Element Stresses Contour
  • Displacement

    Figure 3. Displacement Contour