Pre-processing tools must be used to prepare models for OptiStruct, Radioss, and MotionSolve. Altair HyperWorks provides specialized pre-processors interfacing with the solvers.

HyperMesh can be used to mesh and set up finite element simulations for OptiStruct and Radioss. Two user profiles are provided:
  • OptiStruct
  • Radioss (with sub-profiles for the different input formats)

HyperCrash is useful to set up finite element models for automotive crash simulation in Radioss. It provides a number of useful tools for dummy positioning and model interrogation that are not available in HyperMesh.

HyperForm is used to set up and execute sheet metal stamping simulations. Two user profiles are provided to run Radioss:
  • One_Step
  • Incremental_Radioss

MotionView is used to set up multibody dynamics models for MotionSolve. The respective SolverMode has to be chosen.