OptiStruct can be used to solve and optimize a wide variety of design problems in which the structural and system behavior can be simulated using finite element and multibody dynamics analysis.

The design and optimization capabilities of OptiStruct allow for the development of preliminary design concepts and for the improvement of existing designs based on finite element analyses. Some types of optimization problems are:
  • Two-dimensional truss structure optimization
  • Ribbed reinforcement patterns for 3D shell structures
  • Ribbed reinforcements for solid structures
  • Spotweld reduction
  • Lightening holes for existing 2D planar and 3D bending shell problems
  • Discrete optimized structures for problems modeled using 3 dimensional solid element problems
  • Bead (Swages) reinforcements in 3D shell structures
  • Shape modifications for volume parts
  • Gage optimization of 3D shell structures
  • Beam cross-section optimization of structures modeled with beam elements
  • Layout of laminated shell by modifying ply thickness and ply angle
  • Reduction of stress concentrations
  • Optimization of mechanisms and mechanical systems to minimize weight and reduce stress