System Requirements

To use subroutines, you need the tools outlined in the following sections.

Compilers and Linkers

To work with user-written subroutines in compiled languages such as Fortran or C/C++, you must have the appropriate compilers and linkers. For more information, refer to the hardware and software specifications included with your installation instructions, and in the Altair HyperWorks Introduction help topic, Platform Support.


You can write user-written subroutines in compiled languages such as Fortran/C/C++. Other compiled languages may also be used, however you are then responsible for providing the bindings that are needed to connect to the MotionSolve subroutine interface. MotionSolve also provides you with the option of writing user subroutines in scripting languages such as Python, Compose, or MATLAB. The application contains the version of Python that you need to execute your script. However, if you write your script in Compose or MATLAB, you are required to have the Compose or MATLAB run-time environment available on your machine.


To facilitate the debugging of user-written subroutines, we advise that you have access to a source-level debugger. Debuggers are not required but are useful for finding mistakes in your subroutines. On a Windows machine, Altair recommends Visual Studio. Visual Studio may be used to debug Fortran, C, C++ or Python subroutines.