Run MIT From HyperGraph

To run the MIT from HyperGraph for the first time, follow steps 1-2. After the initial setup, you can run the MIT from the HyperGraph toolbar as you see in Step 3.

  1. From the File menu in HyperGraph, select Load > Preference File.
    The Preferences dialog appears.
  2. From the Registered Preferences list, select Model Identification Tool, and then click Load.
    The MIT appears on the HyperGraph menu bar.
  3. From this point on, you have access to the MIT from the HyperGraph menu bar. To run the MIT, select MIT > Model Identification Tool.
    The MIT opens to the Select Data tab.
    Note: While running the MIT, if pending job(s) from past MIT sessions are detected, a dialog prompts you with the following options:
    • Abort: Discard pending job(s) from a previous HyperGraph session.
    • Retry: Load pending job(s) from a previous HyperGraph session and restart the Fit or Analyze operations that were suspended.
    • Ignore: Ignore the pending jobs.