Extensions 2023 Release Notes


Extensions Release Highlights
Watch this video to learn more about Extension features in 2023.
  • Autoloading of extensions of newly added Extensions


Autoload Extensions
Extensions can be autoloaded using the “extends” entry when the application starts or is loaded with the environment variable HWX_PLUGINS.
To load all referenced profiles/sub-profiles, the value “HyperWorksDesktop” should be used, the extension can not be unloaded if loaded via the “extends” entry.

Figure 1.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in a future release as the performance of the software is continuously improved:
  • To show the Extension loaded in different profiles even when no GUI access points like ribbons, toolbars or menus are available requires that each profile is loaded with at least one entry.
    The example below shows the empty HyperMesh and HyperView profiles with the (dummy) entry resources. This entry will not be required in future versions to show the extension loaded in these profiles.

    Figure 2.

Resolved Issues

  • The “displayName” is no longer the same as the “name”