Aerospace 2023 Release Notes


  • Several tools from the Aerospace menu have been replaced with new tools and workflows in HyperMesh 2023:
    • Nodal Equivalence > New Equivalence tool on the Validate ribbon
    • Quick Set Create > Select entities, right-click menu, Create Set
    • Set Review > Sets view in Model Browser
    • Instantiate Entities > Copy and paste
  • Some other tools have been relocated to ribbons based on their functionality to provide more convenient access by workflow. The new locations are listed below, and can also easily be found using Ctrl+F.
    • Orientation Review > 2D ribbon, Edit group
    • Line Loads > Analyze ribbon, Structural group
    • Assembly/Parts from CSV > Assembly ribbon, Organize group
    • Organize Comps by System/ID > Assembly ribbon, Organize group
    • Boolean Sets > Model ribbon, Interactions group
    • RSpline > Model ribbon, Interactions group
  • The Export HM-HDF5 tool and all beta tools previously accessed using the AERO_TOOLS environment variable have been deprecated and removed in 2023.