Opens an anonymous editor dialog to return a user-specified color. This function halts execution of the current thread until the editor is dismissed or a color is picked.


hwtk::chooseentitycolor - pathName ?option value? …

Standard Options

Database name: clientData
Database class: ClientData
Acts as a data storage for a widgets. User can store any data and this will not have any effect on widget property.

Widget Specific Options

Array to place hexadecimal, integer, and RGB value equivalents of user’s selected color into. Values are indexed with names hexa, integer, and rgb, respectively.
Database name: command
Command to execute when a color is selected by the user. The value of the selected color can be passed to the specified command with the substitutions %R, %I, and %H for RGB, Integer, or Hexadecimal values, respectively.
Sets the initially highlighted color in the editor.
Sets the parent widget of the editor. Defaults to root.
Either 0 or 1, indicates the index of the first color value. For example, if the 3rd color is picked and -startindex is set to 0, then its integer value will be 2.
A list of integer values that specifies what corresponding colors are visible when the widget appears.
Sets the x value of the location that the editor initially appears at.
Sets the u value of the location that the editor initially appears at.


proc onColorSelect {colorInt colorRgg colorHex} { 
    puts "\nSelected Color:"
    puts "RGB:         $colorInt"
    puts "Integer:     $colorRgb"
    puts "Hexadecimal: $colorHex"
    return true

set curX [winfo pointerx .]
set curY [winfo pointery .]
set initColorVals [list 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31]

hwtk::chooseentitycolor -startindex 0 -values $initColorVals -initialcolor 15 -command {onColorSelect %I %R %H} -x $curX -y $curY