Pre-Post Applications Unit Draw

A summary of the Altair Units (AUs) drawn by application.

When querying the license server, the log will display 1000 times the number shown in the table for each feature name. Also note that feature names in the license have been cleaned up and will typically be the name listed below, prefixed with HW. For example, HyperMesh appears as HWHyperMesh, or Radioss as HWRadioss.
Application AUs License Feature(s) Description
ConnectMe None ConnectMe A tool to efficiently manage, launch, and update Altair HyperWorks and Altair Partner Alliance applications.

Does not draw units. License feature is required to receive product updates and notifications.

Material Data Center None AMDCPublicExplorerFeature





Cloud-based material database solution providing access to simulation-ready material data.

Only available for Managed Altair One licensing.

Templex None Templex General purpose text and numeric processor.

Does not draw AUs. License feature is required to run Templex.

Launcher 1 Launcher In the Windows Start menu, HyperMesh, HyperGraph, HyperView, and MotionView shortcuts will invoke the Launcher that prompts users to pick the profile, directory, or recent models and session.
Enterprise Data Manager 2 EDataManager Tools to organize, connect, and publish performance data throughout the enterprise.

The AUs always stack.

Personal Data Manager 2 PDataManager Collaboration tools used to explore and organize at the small group level.
Compose 5 Compose A multi-language environment designed to efficiently perform numerical computations, develop algorithms, and analyze and visualize various types of data.
HyperStudy Microsoft Excel Plugins 5 HyperStudy A multi-disciplinary design exploration study and optimization plugin for Microsoft Excel.
Bushing Model 6 AltairBushingModel License of Runtime DLL containing the "physics" of the bushing. Works with MotionSolve, ADAMS, MATLAB, and Simpack.
FEKOWrapSAM 6 FEKOWrapSAM Feko/WRAP Spectrum Allocation Manager
HyperGraph 6 HyperGraph A powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats.
HyperGraph 3D 6 HyperGraph 3D Advanced 3D plotting and data analysis.
HyperGraphTrans 6 HyperGraphTrans HGTrans GUI translates solver result files to Altair Binary File (.abf) format.
MediaView 6 MediaView Plays and displays video files and static images.
TableView 6 TableView Creates an Excel-like spreadsheet.
TextView 6 TextView Provides both powerful math and script processing and a text editor.
Twin Activate 15 Twin Activate Model based development solution to simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems.
Flux2D GUI 15 Flux2D Flux2D Graphical User Interface application.

Predicts low-frequency electromagnetic phenomena and optimizes the performance of any electromechanical device in 2D.

FluxMotor 21 FluxMotor A flexible, open software tool dedicated to the pre-design of electric rotating machines.
FluxMotor with Flow Simulator Solver 21 FluxMotorFSSolver License features and units required when running Flow Simulator Solver in FluxMotor. Solver will level on the first instance and stack on the second and onward.
Engineering Data Sciences 15 EngDataSciFieldPredict Prediction of simulation field results with parametric inputs.
15 EngDataSCiPaiExpert Classification to emulate experts and account for any subjective design criteria.
75 EngDataSciPaiShape Prediction of simulation results without requiring parametric inputs.
15 EngDataSciShapeClassify Classification to identify geometric shapes.
15 EngDataSciShapeEncode Extraction of machine learning features from geometric shapes.
15 EngDataSciSignalAI Machine learning for signal processing.
15 EngDataSciUtils Common utilities for Engineering Data Science components.

(Interactive mode)

21 BatchMesher Batch tool for HyperMesh's highly efficient geometry clean-up and finite element meshing technologies.
EDEM GUI 21 EDEMGUI EDEM Graphical User Interface application for discrete element solution.


Feko (including WinProp, and newFASANT) Graphical User Interface application.

Feko is a leading electromagnetic simulation software for wireless connectivity, electromagnetic compatibility, and scattering/RCS.

Flux GUI 21 FluxGUI Flux Graphical User Interface application.

Flux predicts low-frequency electromagnetic phenomena and optimizes the performance of any electromechanical device in Flux 3D, Skew, PEEC GUI.

HyperMesh 21 HyperMesh A high-performance finite-element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance.

OSSmooth launched from HyperMesh draws an additional 21 AUs that are stacked against HyperMesh unit draws (21 AUs), for a total of 42 AUs.

HyperView 21 HyperView A complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite-element analysis (FEA), multi-body system simulation, digital video and engineering data.
HyperViewTrans 21 HyperViewTrans Advanced CAE results engine that enables extraction, translation, and compression of CAE results for HyperView.
HyperMesh CFD 21 HyperMeshCFD A solution centric streamlined user interface which provides end-to-end workflows for aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, internal flow, multiphase flow, thermal and moving mesh simulations.
15 InspireGeometry
HyperMesh NVH 21 HyperMesh Standard NVH
40 SNR


Squeak and Rattle is a ribbon in HyperMesh NVH and requires the license feature “SNR” to invoke.

Squeak and Rattle connects to the Material SNR database, which calls the license feature MatDB_SnR.

50 PSO_NVHD Full Vehicle NVH
SeamGUI High Frequency NVH
MotionView 21 MotionView A user-friendly and intuitive multibody systems modeling environment.
SimLab 21 SimLabPrePost A process oriented, feature-based finite element modeling software that allows you to quickly and accurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies.
SimLab with External Solver Interface 21 SimLabExternalSolver Enables the External Solver Interfaces, including third party, in SimLab.
HyperStudy 25 HyperStudy A multi-disciplinary design exploration, study, and optimization software for engineers and designers.
HyperLife 30 HyperLife HyperLife durability and fatigue analysis.

HyperLife Solver is now in the Mechanical Solver package.

HyperLife Solver requires license feature HyperLifeSolver and follows the Solver In-App Licensing table for multi-core usage.

romAI 60 romAI A library for the generation of dynamical ROMs (Reduced Order Models). The ROM can be created in Compose or Twin Activate using a builder app and the romAI can then be used in Twin Activate.
SimLab with nanoFluidX Solver Table SimLabnanoFluidXSolver License feature required when running nanoFluidX solver via SimLab. The unit draw depends on the use of GPU number(s). Reference the unit draw table of Licensing of GPU-based CFD Solvers.
Multiscale Designer None Multiscale Designer macro solver plugin for OptiStruct or Radioss.
6 MDSPlugin Multiscale Designer macro solver plugin for LS-DYNA and Abaqus.
35 MDSPro An efficient tool for development and simulation of multiscale material models of continuous, woven, and/or chopped fiber composites, honeycomb cores, reinforced concrete, soil, bones, and various other heterogeneous materials.
SimSolid 50 SimSolid A structural analysis software for fast design iteration. It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, enabling the analysis of fully featured CAD assemblies without meshing. Levels at first instance, stacks at second plus.
75 SimSolidAdvanced For fatigue, incremental non-linear, and batch mode.
SimLab Automation 40 SimLabAutomation An add-on module in SimLab which helps to capture a process and rerun for same or similar models, including DOE studies.
C123 50 Altair_C123 Process driven suite of tools targeting automotive BIW structural concept optimization.
e-Motor Director 50 PSOeMotorD Address and optimize e-Motors against different requirements.
Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Director 60 PSO_MDO Provides a highly automated, model centric user interface that significantly reduces setup complexity and setup time for MDO problems, without requiring perfect alignment across the attribute models. Altair Unit draw is 60 when Altair solvers are used.
150 PSO_MDO_ExSlv Provides a highly automated, model centric user interface that significantly reduces setup complexity and setup time for MDO problems, without requiring perfect alignment across the attribute models. Unit draw is 150 when non-Altair solvers are used.

Altair CAE pre- and post-processing solutions allow access to several applications. The number of Altair Units (AUs) drawn by each application varies. The Altair License Manager remembers the highest watermark for an instance of HyperMesh, HyperGraph, HyperView, and MotionView when invoking from multiple sessions. For example, if HyperGraph is launched, first (6 AUs) are drawn, and if a HyperView window is added to the same session, the number of AUs increases from 6 to 21. Switching back to the HyperGraph window (with or without closing the HyperView window) keeps the total unit count at 21 AUs.