Global Licensing

Global licensing restricts client usage to the appropriately licensed Global Zone. There are three Global Zones defined by Altair.

Global Zones Definition

  • American Global Zone (AM): This global zone covers the area between Hawaii and Iceland, including North and South America.

    GMT-12 < Local time < GMT

  • European Global Zone (EU): This global zone covers Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    GMT <= Local time < GMT + 4

  • Asia Pacific Global Zone (AP): This global zone covers Asia Pacific (India, China) and Australia.

    GMT +4 <= Local time <= GMT + 12

Global License Features

The older PartialGlobalLicense and FullGlobalLicense or GlobalGridWorks will be replaced by the following features. All client applications will check out the feature that is pertinent to the global zone where the application is running.
  • GlobalZoneAM allows license usage in the American Global Zone (AM).
  • GlobalZoneEU allows license usage in the European Global Zone (EU).
  • GlobalZoneAP allows license usage in the Asia Pacific Global Zone (AP).
When an Altair licensed client application begins execution, it attempts to check out the following three features if it is pointed at a network license server:
  • GlobalZoneXX (quantity as shown in table*1000)
  • Altair HyperWorks product feature (quantity as shown in table*1000)
  • Application feature (name of application, quantity as shown in table*1000)

All three of these checkouts must succeed in order to be properly licensed. All of them must also be fulfilled from the same license server. You may not split checkouts across multiple servers.