Valid Environment Variables for Controlling Licensing Behavior

Name Possible Settings
ALM_HHWU Controls where the application will search for licenses. Unset, the application will try On-Premises server then Altair Units (if the machine is authorized). Set to “T” will only use Altair Units. Set to “F” will only use On-Premises Server.
ALM_HHWU_CONFIG Overrides the default directory for storing the Altair Units config file.

(Windows Only)

The default proxy information (if required) is stored in the Altair Units config file. Setting this variable to “T” allows the applications to use the Windows Global proxy settings and supports interactive password prompts, and so on. Recommended only for GUI applications. Batch (solvers) should not have this set in their environments.
ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH Set to point to On-Premises license server or NodeLocked license. Do not set if you only want to use Altair Units.
In order to use a Proxy Server with Altair Units you can use almutil to set the appropriate settings. Open a command shell and execute almutil with the appropriate options to setup the Proxy according to your network configuration. The available options relevant to configurating Altair Units are shown below:
Usage: almutil [option]
-hhwuauth [-system -code <code>]
Authorize with the Altair Units system.
-system will set system-wide authorization.
-code the authorization code you receive from the web portal
-proxy [-system -host <host> -port <port> -user <user> -passwd <passwd>]
Configure proxy settings for use with the Altair Units system.
Optional parameters -host, -port, -user, and -passwd can be given on the command line.
The -passwd option can be given without an argument to avoid passing a password on the command line. In this case you will be prompted for input.
-system will configure the system wide proxy settings
You must be an administrator to use -system