Simulation Parameters

Available parameters for defining simulations in ultraFluidX.

ultraFluidX Solver Input Deck

The format for the ultraFluidX solver input deck is XML. The file starts with the XML prolog specifying the XML version and the character encoding:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
The prolog is followed by the root element,
<uFX_solver_deck name="ultraFluidX" xmlns="”

which is parent to all other elements in the file, so the file must always end with </uFX_solver_deck> according to XML standards.

All categories and parameters must be specified in this way. The category or parameter, for example, always begins with a command of the format <example> and ends with the corresponding command </example>, with the respective child entries or the parameter specification in between.

The ultraFluidX solver input deck is grouped into five main categories: <simulation>, <meshing>, <boundary_conditions>, <sources> and <output>, each of them with several sub-categories and possible parameters as described below.

An example case (roadster.xml, roadster.stl) using the most important features including <rotating>, <belt>, <porous> and <probe_file> is located in the installation folder uFX/examples/roadster/.

Supported Parameters