Altair HyperMesh CFD 2023.1 Release Notes


HyperMesh CFD 2023 introduces a new solution centric, streamlined user interface, providing end-to-end workflows for aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, internal flow, multiphase flow, thermal and moving mesh simulations. A modern UI layout with intuitive workflows provides fast and robust tools for geometric modeling, case setup, post processing and design exploration, enabling you to carry out large complex simulations efficiently. In 2023.1, we have introduced the following new features and fixes.

Geometric modeling:
  • Tool to represent geometry with simple shape.
  • Baffle detection for UFX simulation.
  • Support for quality check and fix for lite modeling.
Case setup (external aerodynamics):
  • Virtual fan.
  • Surface roughness for wheels and belts.
  • Global Legend for unified colormaps and legend display properties.
  • Spheres with tails streamline display style.
  • Predefined expressions for computing aerodynamic coefficients.