Select Data

Use the Select Data tab to specify the input data for your project.

  1. Click the Experiment path field to point to the directory that stores the experiments and files used by HWTK GUI Toolkit.
  2. Click the Experiment name field to point to the directory that stores all configuration files, setup files, and output files required by the experiment. The experiment name is also used as a curve label to clearly identify the curves displayed by MIT.
    Note: This directory is created for you inside the Experiment path. Do not delete or modify files in this folder. MIT relies on this data for proper operation.
  3. Click Select Data files(s) and select the files to read. You can select up to six .spd files, all of which must reside in the same directory. When you select multiple files, the files must point to unique directions and use the same set of units. If files are successfully loaded, then the bushing application type and file path are shown. These fields are not editable and are for review purposes only.
    MIT reads the files, checks them for correctness, and displays the units of the files.