Submit Solver Jobs to Remote Hosts

Compute Console submission of jobs to remote hosts is described in Remote Server User Guide. However, on Linux, it is possible to start Compute Console on a remote host and display to a local screen. If the local screen is a Windows machine, the X server application must be used. In this configuration, Compute Console will control job submission for the remote host. Compute Consoles from multiple hosts can be displayed on the same screen, and each will run independently. The title bar for the Main form shows the hostname of the computer where Compute Console is used. All operations will be performed on a remote host – in particular, editor or Altair HyperWorks visualization will be performed remotely and display will be redirected to your screen. Such remote usage may affect possible license stacking for the Altair licensing system.

When running jobs on a remote machine in this mode, connection to the host must remain open until the last solver run is complete. The Compute Console will not work if a logout occurs, or if a laptop is disconnected from the network. This is different from remote job submission with remote server.