Troubleshoot a Simulation

How to troubleshoot a simulation which fails to run or stops prematurely.

Simulation Error

If there is an error, read the .log file and check for warnings and errors. Any errors or warnings will have a code which can be used to search the Error and Warning Glossary document for full details.

Tip: The nanoFluidX_2024_error_and_warning_glossary document is provided with the nanoFluidX binary in the HyperMesh CFD installation directory.
Inspect your .cfg file and verify the following:
  • Make sure the vector quantities are correctly defined.
  • Make sure that there are no input scalar values where there should be vectors and vice versa.
  • Make sure that the Min/Max boundary values are actually set in order. For example, -0.04 > -0.1.
  • Check the reference values, especially reference velocity.
  • Check for overlapping particles.
  • Make sure your units are consistent.

For more information on diagnosing a simulation which has problems, see Investigate Simulation Problems.