Standalone Applications Unit Draw

In addition to the applications listed above, there are several standalone applications that draw Altair Units. The following table is a summary of AUs drawn of those applications.

Product AUs License Feature Description
EDEM BulkSim 21 EDEMBulkSimGUI BulkSim GUI application.
40 EDEMBulkSimSolver In CPU mode, using up to 12 cores it should be a constant draw of 40 AUs.
60 EDEMBulkSimSolver In GPU mode, it should pull the equivalent of 16 cores and draw 60 AUs. Stacking on the second plus.
Embed OpenVision No No Add-on for Embed.
Embed Viewer No No Read-only version of Embed.
Embed Basic 1 EmbedBasic Same as EMBED with a 100 block limit.
Embed eDrives 4 EmbedeDrives A comprehensive set of motor control blocks covering AC Induction, BLDC, brushed, PMSM, and stepper motors for simulation, code generation, and HIL.
Embed Digital Power Designer 10 EmbedDigitalPower Used for the design and development of digital power supplies and power conversion equipment. DPD is an Add-on for Embed.
Embed Simulation Edition 10 EmbedSimulation Also known as EmbedSE, is a block diagram and state chart environment for modeling, simulation, analysis, and control system development. In addition to its simulation capabilities, it also supports real time data monitoring and control using National Instruments and other boards as well as OPC, CAN, UDP, Serial, and MQTT.
Embed 21 EmbedCodeGen Also called Embed Professional, is an extension of EMBED Simulation Edition for model-based firmware development supporting all microcontrollers, and with enhanced support for the following: Arduino®, ARM®-Linux® (Raspberry Pi™, AMD64, NVJetson/Nano), STMicroelectronics®, and Texas Instruments™.
ESAComp 6 ESAComp Composite design software. Units are stacked.
Flow Simulator 50 FSimGUI,


Integrated flow, heat transfer, and combustion design software that enables mixed fidelity simulations to optimize machine and systems design. GUI levels. First solver instance levels, second plus stacks.
PollEx Logic/CAM No PollExEntity Logic, CAM, BOM
PollEx PCB Modeler 10 PollExBasic PCB Modeler (PCB, Real PCB Assembly Viewer, Cross Probe (CP), UPE (Unified Part Editor))
PollEx UDE Feature-based server PollExUDEServer Feature-based license server with a fixed annual per socket up to 50 users.
4 PollExUDEUser Additional checkout for each client access draws 4 AUs.
PollEx PCB Verification Post-Processing 21 PollExPostVerification PCB Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Electrical (DFE), Design for Electrical Plus (DFE+), Logic DFE – Result visualization
PollEx MFG 30 PollExMFG PollEx Manufacturing options
PollEx PCB Solver 30 PollExSolver PCB Solvers for signal integrity, power integrity, thermal analysis.
PollEx PCB Verification 30 PollExVerification PCB Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Electrical (DFE), Design for Electrical Plus (DFE+), Logic DFE.
PSIM Power Supply 10 PSIMPowerSupply PSIM is a Power Electronics simulation environment with digital and analog control, thermal loss models, battery, and photovoltaic models. Also includes Design Suites for Power Supply and EMI.
PSIM Code Generation 15 PSIMCodeGen PSIM embedded code generation and target support for TI C2000 MCUs.
PSIM Interface 15 PSIMInterface PSIM co-simulation interfaces with Simulink, JMAG, Modelsim, Activate, Embed, and FMI.
PSIM Motor Drive 20 PSIMMotorDrive Includes functionality of Power Supply along with PSIM machine and mechanical load models. Includes Design Suites for Motor Control and HEV.
Pulse 30 Pulse Orchestrates meaningful models from the broad workflows required to simulate complex systems of systems to the focused workflows needed to enable fast, reliable, and repeatable modeling, analysis, and optimization.
S-CONCRETE 10 SconcreteStdFeature, SconcretePro, Sline, SconcreteEtabs Design and detail sections of reinforced concrete beams, columns, and walls or continuous concrete beams to meet regional design code requirements and generate customizable design reports. Includes S-CONCRETE and S-LINE.
S-FRAME 10 SframePro, SsteelPro, Spad, Icd, Sview, Scalc, SframeEnt, SsteelEnt Structural analysis with integrated steel and concrete design solutions enabling structural engineers to model and perform linear or advanced non-linear analysis. Design steel and concrete members to meet regional code requirements, generate design reports, and calculate advanced section properties for non-standard sections. Includes S-FRAME Analysis, S-STEEL, S-PAD, ICD, and S-CALC.
Structural Office 10 StimberPro, StimberCSA, SfoundationPro, SfoundationACI, SfoundationCSA, SfoundationEURO, Scalc,StimberEnt, SfoundationEnt Hybrid timber structural analysis with integrated mass timber and foundation design solutions enabling structural engineers to simulate hybrid timber structures constructed from mass timber, steel, and concrete. Design mass timber members and concrete foundations to regional design code requirements, generate design reports, and calculate advanced section properties for non-standard sections. Includes S-TIMBER, S-FOUNDATION, and S-CALC.