Connect to the On-Premises Altair License Manager

Note: The information in this section only applies to on-premises licensing.

The appropriate environment variable to point to either the license file or the license server must be set. The name of the variable is ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH. It has to point to a file for a node-locked license or to a network license server in the simple form of port@hostname.

Refer to the Altair License Manager documentation for more details.

Multiple License Servers or a HAL Configuration Setup

Your site may have more than one license server or have a High Availability (HAL) setup. These two cases require different settings for the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH variable.

Multiple License Servers
In the case of multiple license servers, each application must obtain all of the features from the same server to succeed. The servers are searched in the order they are listed. For multiple servers, use the form port@host;port@host;port@host... on Windows and use the form port@host:port@host:port@host... on Linux. The difference being the separator, a semicolon on Windows and a colon on Linux.
HAL Configuration
For a HAL configuration simply use the multi host format, being sure to specify only three hosts. For example, ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH=6200@host1;6200@host2;6200@host3

Set Licensing via the Installer on Windows

During the initial installation, you are given the option of setting a license file or server in a license panel.

Set licensing via the installer.
  • Type the port@host of the license server.
  • Type the full path to the license file.
  • Click the Choose … button to browse to the location of your license.

Set Licensing using ConnectMe

ConnectMe allows users to set licensing by a Settings panel. In ConnectMe:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click the Licensing tab.
  3. Set the License via one of the following
    • Type the port@host of the license server.
    • Type the full path to the license file.
    • Click the Folder icon to browse to the location of your license.


Instructions for setting up the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH on Windows.

  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
  2. Select Systems and select Advanced system settings.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Environment variables.
  5. Under User Variables, select or create ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH.
  6. For Value: enter the port@host of your license server or the complete path and filename to the license file.
    Tip: To set the environment variables for a particular session, at the DOS prompt, type SET <environment_variable>=<value>


Commands used to set up environment variables from the current terminal shell.

  1. For C shell:
    setenv <environment_variable> <value>
  2. For Korn shell, Bourne or BASH shell:
    export <environment_variable>=<value>