Induction machines – Motor Factory – Test environment

Computation of power balance

When we subtract the total losses from the supplied electrical power one doesn’t find the correct mechanical power on the shaft.

This issue was observed with the fast mode computation (ref.: FXM-16072) as well as with the accurate mode computation (ref.: FXM-16121).

This issue has been corrected.

Current Max is not respected in IMSQ Scalar control.

In the scalar control for induction machines with squirrel cage, the imposed maximum current is not respected (ref.: FXM-15701).

This issue has been corrected.

Working Point - UfN – Error while saving the test

For induction machines with an outer rotor, when performing the computation of a working point by using the Accurate with 1

phase Mode, then if you save the test and then perform the computation of the working point by using the Fast test, the computation fails.

If we use the inverse sequence: Fast > Save > Accurate, there is no error (ref.: FXM-15868).

This issue has been corrected.