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A motor created with the Japanese language cannot be opened.

When we create a catalog and a motor with the Japanese language enabled, the catalog of the motor cannot be opened if the user switches back to the English language (ref.: FXM-15827).

This issue has been corrected.

The memory preferences are not kept consistent with the execution of a long test

When several instances of batch are run in parallel, we regularly observed that the memory preferences are not kept consistent between two subsequent executions of Flux Jobs (ref.: FXM-15777).

This issue has been corrected.

Full geometry is provided although periodicity would be possible.

While exporting a project to Flux 2d or Skew, the periodicity is multiplied by 2 when the number of represented poles is odd and different from 1 (ref.: FXM-15566).

This issue has been corrected.

Unable to execute test with Skew enabled in certain machine models (SMPM-OR)

Sometimes, for certain kinds of machines, it is not possible to execute test with a skewed topology. In such cases, the error message contains the following message: “Please decrease the "Relative epsilon for distance between Points” (ref.: FXM-15475).

This issue has been corrected.

Bad meshing while representing wires inside the slots.

When exporting a project from FluxMotor to Flux 2D, the mesh in the slot can sometime be very bad in the region surrounding the represented wires inside the coil conductors (ref.: FXM-15151).

We keep the same process, since the solid conductors are well meshed; indeed, the bad meshing only concerns air regions inside the slots. As a conclusion, we must keep a low level of number of nodes to decrease the computation time as much as possible.

Installation folder - Warning about the path name

Non-Ascii characters are not allowed in the path name while creating the folder in which FluxMotor is installed.

Failure to comply with this instruction may cause the software to malfunction (FXM-15935).

This warning has been written in the Installation Guide for Flux and FluxMotor as well as in the online user help guide.

Network server license activation

To use a network server license (port@host information), one must specify this license with the Windows environment variable: ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH.

Setting the network server license into the FluxMotor license setup window doesn't allow running Flux2D or Flux Skew in the backend of FluxMotor, nor opening HyperStudy solution from the export area of Motor Factory. (FXM-15895) -

This issue has been corrected.