SLOT – SKEW design area
1 Selection of the STATOR subset: SLOT panel (Click on the icon SLOT).
2 Skew tab indicates the tool to define the slot skew angle.
3 Visualization of the machine radial view to visualize the slot skew.
4 Visualization of the stator developed view to visualize the slot skew.
5 Choices to define a skew: None – Continuous (Continuous in our example).
6 Skew inputs to be defined.
7 Buttons to validate the inputs (Pressing the “enter key” twice applies inputs too).
8 Buttons to restore the default input values.
9 Skew outputs (read only).
10 Button to export the skew data into *.txt or *.xls files.

Set a skew angle

How to set a skew angle?
1 Choose the definition mode of the skew: Stator slot – Shift angle.
2 Definition of the skew angle depending of the definition mode.
3 Visualization of the chosen skew angle on the machine radial view.
4 Visualization of the equivalent axial slot angle on the rotor developed view.
5 Equivalent axial stator slot angle (read only).
6 Equivalent stator slot pitch (read only).

The user can add a skew angle on the rotor or on the stator.

If a skew is already defined in the rotor when setting a skew on the stator, the rotor skewing will be automatically reset to “None”.