MATERIALS design area
1 Selection of the Material subset: MATERIALS panel (Click on the icon MATERIALS)
2 Visualization of the machine regions.
3 Direct access to open material manager. It allows seeing properties of materials.
4 Area to assign materials to machine regions (frame, shaft, bearings). See additional information below.
5 Area to assign materials to rotor regions (magnets, magnetic circuit). See additional information below.

Area to assign materials to Stator regions (magnetic circuit, coil conductor, insulators).

See additional information below.

7 Area to assign materials to Cooling fluids (internal fluid, external fluid). See additional information below.

Button to restore default materials.

Default materials are those defined as favorite materials in Material manager.

See “Materials” application for more information.

9 Button to validate assignment of materials. Pressing the Enter key twice applies inputs too.
10 Icon to export material data into *.txt or *.xls files.