Materials for the winding

Materials for the winding

All the materials are selected in the material database.

Conductor materials are selected in the “Electrical Conductor” type material family.

Insulator materials are selected in the “Electrical Insulator” type material family.

Thicknesses of insulations are defined inside the winding settings panel – COIL tab.

Insulation materials are considered only if a corresponding thickness is defined.

Building the winding architecture – Choice of winding MATERIALS - Conductor and insulation
1 Conductor materials
2 Wire insulation
3 Conductor insulation
4 Coil insulation
5 Liner
6 Phase separator

Button to restore default materials. Default materials are those defined as favorite materials in Material database.

See “Materials” application for more information.

8 Button to validate assignment of materials. Pressing the enter key twice applies inputs too.
* Insulators: If all the above choices are same material, then the corresponding material name is written in the insulators field.

Otherwise “Diversified” is written in the insulators field which means there are different materials.