SHAFT design area
1 Selection of the MACHINE subset: SHAFT panel (Click on the icon SHAFT)
2 Visualization of the motor axial view to visualize the shaft topology and dimensions.
3 Shaft section to define the shaft parameters
4 When there is a shaft, the section of Bearing is unlocked
5 Choice of the shaft type. Two types are available: ·
  • None: No dimension to declare. Shaft is replaced by fluid material
  • Solid: End-shaft must be defined - Structural data of the shaft are then editedIf shaft type is solid, end-shaft must be defined.
Note: Connection side (C.S.) is identified by yellow lightning.
Note: Range of definition for dimensions: [0, 20000] mm.
6 Shaft input data to be defined
7 Button to restore default input values
8 Button to Apply inputs. Pressing the enter key twice applies inputs too.
9 Icon to export data into a *.txt or *.xls file - Please see above illustration