Create a New part

The creation of a new part is possible only in a user’s library. If you select a Reference library, the icon "New" is disabled.

How to create a new part from Part Library?
1 Selection of a user’s library in which the new part will be stored.
The selected library must correspond to the type of the part to create, like for instance:·
  • Outer slot library for creating a slot
  • Inner magnet library for creating a magnet
2 Click on the button “New”.
3 A dialog box is automatically opened to allow the process of creation.
4 Give a name to the new part.
5 Select the Excel file in which all the parameters of the part to create are defined. See section Part Factory.
6 Button to cancel the edition of the part.
7 Button to apply inputs and create the new part.Then, Part Factory is launched allowing the reading and/or the modification of the geometrical properties of the part embedded in the excel file selected in the previous step.
Note: Note: The new part “New_Part” previously created will be stored in the corresponding library. See next illustration.
The new part “New_Part” (1) previously created is stored in the corresponding library (2).