1. Introduction

Documents can be attached to User’s parts. It allows quickly reaching to additional information which describe these parts.

Note: Documents can be attached only to user’s parts.
Note: Documents can be linked to parts as well as to libraries. See chapter Management of libraries.

2. How to create an attachment?

Creation of an attachment for a part
1 Icon to display the attachment box just above (2).
2 Attachments box to manage the attached documents.
  • Button (+) allows adding documents
  • Button (-) allows removing selected documents.
Note: Note: this box is disabled when parts from reference libraries are considered.
3 A dedicated dialog box allows adding a new attached document.

All kind of documents can be attached (like word, excel, pdf or text files, pictures, etc.).

4 Give a name to the attached document.
5 Select the folder in which the document to be attached is stored.
6 It is possible to write a reminder dealing with the attached document.
7 Button to cancel the creation of the attachment.
8 Button to apply inputs, create the new attachment and close the dialog box.

3. Management of attachments

Management of attachments
1 Selection of an attached document.

Once selected, a tooltip reminds the name and the description of the selected document.

2 Button (+) to add an attachment (see the previous section).
3 Button (-) to remove one or several attachments.
4 Button for removing the selected attached file