Adding a Wire Port to the Monopole

Define a wire port on the monopole. A voltage source will be added to this port.

  1. Select the monopole using one of the following workflows:
    • Click on the monopole in the 3D view.
    • In the model tree, select Monopole. In the details tree, select Wire1.

      Figure 1. Wire1 in the details tree is the wire element associated with Line1 in the model tree.
  2. Define the wire port on the selected wire (monopole) using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Source/Load tab, in the Ports group, click the  Wire Port icon.
    • On the details tree, a right-click context menu is available on the edge. Click Create Port > Wire Port.

      Figure 2. The right-click context menu options for a wire in the details tree.
  3. Use the default port settings.

    Figure 3. The Create Wire Port dialog.
  4. Click Create to create the port and close the dialog.

    Figure 4. Front view of the monopole and its wire port and the transmission line. The port is indicated by a silver sphere.