Topics Discussed in Example

The topics discussed in this example are:
    • Specify the model unit.
    • Add a component from the component library.
    • Import a model from a .cfx file.
    • Create a workplane and perform transformations on the workplane (rotate).
    • Use the Align tool for antenna placement.
    • Run the Solver.
    • Show/hide the simulation mesh in the 3D view.
    • Show/hide a part in the 3D view.
    • View the Lua script to set up the graphs (similar to Example 2) for the following:
      • View the input reflection coefficient on a Cartesian graph.
      • View the left-hand and right-hand circular components of the far field on a Cartesian graph.
      • View an example of a Lua script to configure graphs.
Note: Follow the example steps in the order it is presented as each step uses its predecessor as a starting point.
Tip: Find the completed model in the application macro library1:

GS 4: GPS Patch on a Drone

1 The application macro library is located on the Home tab, in the Scripting group. Click the Application Macro icon and from the drop-down list, select Getting Started Guide.