Topics Discussed in Example

Before starting this example, check if the topics discussed in this example are relevant to the intended application and experience level.

The topics discussed in this example are:
    • Activate macro recording of a model.
    • Changing the model unit.
    • Create and group variables.
    • Create a dielectric.
    • Create geometry (polygon, cuboid and line).
    • Set the region of a cuboid to dielectric.
    • Set the faces of a dielectric cuboid to PEC1.
    • Add a voltage source to a wire segment.
    • Modify the auto-generated mesh.
    • Add a far field request.
    • Deactivate macro recording and run the resulting Feko Lua script.
    • Run the Solver.
    • View the input reflection coefficient on a Cartesian graph.
    • View the left-hand and right-hand circular components of the far field on a Cartesian graph.
Note: Follow the example steps in the order it is presented as each step uses its predecessor as a starting point.
Tip: Find the completed model in the application macro library2:

GS 3: GPS Patch Antenna

1 perfect electric conductor
2 The application macro library is located on the Home tab, in the Scripting group. Click the Application Macro icon and from the drop-down list, select Getting Started Guide.