Creating the Patch Substrate

Create a finite substrate1 by creating a cuboid. Set the region of the cuboid to the medium, ceramic.

Create the cuboid.
  1. On the Construct tab, in the Create Solid group, click the  Cuboid icon.
  2. Create the cuboid using the Base corner, width, depth, height definition method.
  3. Use the following dimensions:
    • Base corner (C): (-22.5, -22.5, 0)
    • Width (W): substrate_w
    • Depth (D): substrate_d
    • Height (H): substrate_h
    • Label: substrate

    Figure 1. The Create Cuboid dialog.
  4. Click Create to create the substrate and to close the dialog.
1 An alternative method is to model the substrate using an infinite planar multilayer substrate. See the Feko Example Guide for an example.