Modifying the Auto-Generated Mesh

When the frequency is set or local mesh settings are applied to the geometry, the automatic mesh algorithm calculates and creates the mesh automatically while the GUI is active using default mesh settings. When required, these mesh settings may be modified.

The patch requires a finer mesh as the standard mesh size1 and a wire segment radius needs to be specified.
  1. Open the Modify Mesh Settings dialog using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Mesh tab, in the Meshing group, click the  Modify Mesh icon.
    • Press Ctrl+M to use the keyboard shortcut.
  2. Set the Mesh size to Fine.
  3. Set the Wire segment radius to 0.7.

    Figure 1. The Modify Mesh Settings dialog.
  4. Click OK to create the mesh and to close the dialog.

    Figure 2. Top view of the patch and substrate showing the mesh.
  5. View the effect in the 3D view of specifying a Wire segment radius.
    1. Press F5 to use the keyboard shortcut to zoom to extents the 3D view.
    2. Enable a default cutplane. In the model tree (Construction tab), under Cutplanes, click the  icon next to XZ‑Cut2 and from the right-click context menu, select Flip cutplane.

      Figure 3. Note that a cutplane icon is greyed out when the cutplane is not active.

      Figure 4. The cutplane shows a cross-sectional view of the patch substrate. Note the thick feedpin as specified by the Wire segment radius.
    3. Disable the cutplane. Click the button next to XZ-Cut again.
1 See the Feko User Guide Appendix A-3 for more information regarding automatic mesh sizes.
2 To change the default cutplane settings, double-click on the cutplane text (for example, XZ-Cut).