Feko Components and Workflow

View the typical workflow when working with the Feko components.


Create or modify the geometry (or model mesh) in CADFEKO, import geometry or mesh, or use a component from the component library. Apply solution settings, define the frequency, specify the required sources and request calculations.

When the frequency is specified or local mesh settings are applied, the automatic mesh algorithm calculates and creates the mesh to obtain a discretised representation of the geometry or model mesh. View the status of the model in the Notification centre1. If any warnings or errors are given, correct the model before running the Solver.


Run the Solver to calculate the specified output requests.


Create a new graph or 3D view and add results of the requested calculations on a graph or 3D view. Results from graphs can be exported to data files or images for reporting or external post-processing. Reports can be created that export all the images to a single document or a custom report can be created by configuring a report template.

After viewing the results, it is often required to modify the model again in CADFEKO and then repeat the process until the design is complete.

1 Notification centre is the panel to the right of the 3D view under Model Status.