Load Capacitance

This item calculates the load capacitance of component. Load Capacitance includes the capacity of the connected capacitor and the Cin of the IC.

Figure 1.
  • Item: Input item name
  • Net: Select target nets to check the capacitance
  • Ground Net: Select ground nets to check passive component which connected ground nets.
  • Start Component: Select the target component to check Load Capacitance.
  • Capacitance Value Property: Set the property where the capacitance is described.
  • Load Capacitance: Set the Min/Max/Range allowable Load Capacitance value.
  • Composite Net: Upon selecting this option, DFE use composited power net instead of single power net. Click the item field, then Composite Power Net dialog will be displayed.

    Figure 2.
    • Passive Component: The DFE make composite net for which are connected through this passive component.
    • Pin Group Property: In the case of a passive component of 3pin or more, pin mapping information is required for composite. Set the Property Name with pin mapping information.
    • Exclude Net: Nets which should not be merged into composite net.