Package Information

Display and edit the package information.

Many of these functions can also be accessed from Properties on the main menu.

  1. Body Material: Define the material of the package body.
    Undefined, Ceramic and Meta are available.
  2. Weight (g): Define the package weight.
  3. Mount Data: Define the mount information.
  4. Package Thermal: Define the package thermal characteristic.
  5. Device Model Files: Define the device model files.
  6. Electrical Pins: Define the characteristic of the electrical pins.
  7. Mechanical Pins: Define the shape and location of the mechanical pins.
  8. Mark Editor: Add and edit the mark of the part. Refer to Functional Symbol Editor.
    1. File: Import or export from the DXF format file (not yet supported), or close the package mark editor.
    2. View: Change the view of the shape or show/hide the Proptery bar.
    3. Edit: Edit the selected object (only selection is supported).
    4. Draw: Draw an object.
      Line, Arc, Circle, Fill Circle, Polygon and Text are supported.
    5. Property: Display properties of the selected object.
  9. Power Rails: Define the power rail properties of package lead.