Edit Footprint

Invoke manual footprint editor.

  1. Menu Bar/Tool Bar: Menus for editing footprint shape.
    Edit, View, Draw functions are same with the Functional Symbol Editor.
  2. Place: Place a pad, thermal pad, drill hole, reference designator and part name andvalue.
    Place a pad is not yet supported.
  3. View Area: Display the footprint shape.
  4. Property: Display the properties and the layer settings.
  5. Layer Setting: Display and edit the layer viewing status.
    1. No: Display the artwork layer number.
    2. V: Check for the layer is visible.
    3. Color: Select the layer color.
    4. Name: Display the artwork layer name.
    5. Active Layer: Set the active layer.
  6. Property: Display and edit the properties of the selected object.
  7. Display Pin Dimensions: Invoke the Pin Dimension Viewer.
    1. Measure Object: Select the objects to be measured.
    2. Pin List: Display the pin list. The selected pin is shown in the canvas area.