Edit Pin Pads

Display and edit the pin pads.

Figure 1.
  1. Select the Electrical Pins tab to edit electrical pins.
    1. Pin No: Display the pin number.
    2. Pin Name: Display the pin name.
    3. Padstack Name: Display and edit the padstack.
    4. Double-click or select the padstack and click the right button of mouse to change the padstack.
  2. Edit Padstack.
    1. Apply to: Check to apply the padstack to the selected pins or all pins.
    2. Setting: Select the padstack to change.
    3. X / Y: Display and edit the X/Y coordinate.
    4. Rotation: Display and edit the placed angle.
  3. Select the Mechanical Pins tab to edit mechanical pins.
    The function and display are same with the Electrical Pins.