Assign Part Properties Automatically

Use the unified parts linked to assign part properties automatically.

  1. From the menu bar, click Properties > Parts menu.
    The Parts Manager dialog opens.
  2. In the Part library directory, click to navigate to explore the library path for the unified parts.
  3. Select the desired UPFs folder and click OK.
  4. Click Synchronize to assign the part properties.
    After the linking operation is successfully completed, iconic marks appear in the Package, Electrical, and Thermal columns.

    Figure 1.
    • Contents name under UPF Library Part column denotes that UPF file exists under local Parts folder for those parts.
    • Icon under Package column denotes that 3D package geometry is linked with unified part.
    • Icon under Electrical column denotes that electrical buffer model is called from unified part.
    • Icon under Thermal column denotes that thermal information is called from unified parts.