Validation Result

  • Item list of each inspection item is displayed. If you select each item individually, you can check each result.
    • Save: Save the test result as Soldering Pallet Result File (*.PSPR).
    • Load: *.PSPR file read.
    • View Input: View Validation Input setting window.
    • Excel: Output the test results to Excel.

      Figure 3.
  • Can check the inspection results of individual items at once.

    Figure 4.
  • Total Status: Displays the results of checked items.

    Figure 5.
  • Can review the results of each item.

    Figure 6.
    • If selects an item written as Fail from the item list, the results of individual items are displayed in (2) Fail Result.
    • If individually clicks the Lists in the Fail Result area, the inspection results are displayed on the screen in (3).
    • Reading the test result (Validation Result).
    • [Menu] Manufacture – Soldering Pallet – Validation Result.
    • Can read the existing Soldering Pallet Validation Result File (*.PSPR).