• Reflow Process: Verifies the separation distance between the pad of the SMD component and the soldering pallet area. It detects a case smaller than the set value. The result is described in the Pallet to Reflow Component item.

    Figure 2.
  • Clearance between Pallet Area and Solder Mask: Check the separation distance between the soldering pallet area and the solder mask. The inspection result detects a case that is smaller than the value entered. Pallet to Solder Mask is displayed in the result window. The result window of SMD, DIP, and figure is divided according to each type.

    Figure 3.
  • Pallet Bottom: Check the size of the pallet bottom. Based on the COC area of the part designated in the target component, the distance between the horizontal and vertical data of the pallet bottom layer is checked. A case that is smaller than the set value is detected. The results are described in the Corner Item.

    Figure 4.

    Figure 5.