Define Settings

Use the Settings menu to define settings.

Define Environment Settings

From the menu bar of Metal Mask Manager, click Setting > Environment to configure tool using environments. The Environment dialog opens.


In the Environment dialog, click the Basic tab. The Basic setion of the dialog contains the following options:
  • Package DB
    • Package DB File Path: Specify the path of component database file, *.txt. Using the component database file, you can easily make component classification for MMDB (Metal Mask Data Base).
    • Model History Directory: Specify the file path containing design file’s metal mask file changing history.
  • Decimal Setting
    • Decimal Point: Specify the number of decimal places among round, ceiling, or floor.
  • Validation Check
    • Tolerance: Specify the allowable tolerance.
  • Path to Metal Mask Clearance Input file (*.mmci): Set rule (*.mmci) file for generated Standard Metal Mask, Solder Mask, and Via clearance checking.
  • Default Gerber Export Option: You can set the default settings for Gerber output (refer to Gerber Export).


In the Environment dialog, click the View tab. The View section contains the following sections:
  • Display Option
    • Normal: This is default display status. It shows pad and metal mask shape with solid type. So, below object shape will be overlapped with upper shape and users cannot see the below shape.
    • Translucency Mode: This is transparent option which users can see below objects through upper objects.
  • Layer
    • Layer Name: Check whether the initial display of the Top/Bottom is per layer.
    • Color: Set the layer color of the Top/Bottom.
    • Layer Priority: You can set the display priority for each layer. The lower the number, the higher it displays.

BOM Check

In the Environment dialog, click the BOM Check tab. The BOM Check section dialog contains the following sections:
  • Select Option
    • Exception Part Name: Set the component group with DB file, *.txt for which will not be included from checking.
    • Acceptable fail type of non-existing Reference Name on BOM: Component group setting for which should have metal mask shapes, even though they are not listed in BOM.
  • Exception
    • IC Visual Mark: Option to exclude IC Visual Mark from checking.
    • Standard Metal Mask DB: Option to exclude metal masks in design using metal mask database file, *.mmdb.
    • None: No exception.
  • BOM Setting
    • BOM Env: Specify file path for the MS/Excel file importing environment file, *.EBI.