Figure 1. ToolBar Panel

The ToolBar panel contains the most common options, it is divided into 5 sections:

Project options:
Geometry file options:
  • Undo (CTRL+Z) -> The undo option is used to undo the previous change.
  • Redo (Ctrl+Y) -> If the user has undone any changes it is possible to redo them with this option.
View options:
  • Reset view (CTRL+R) -> This option resets the view settings of the Geometry view area to the default values. If you click with the right button can select the view.

  • Perspective / Parallel projection -> Sets the perspective or parallel projection.
  • Zoom in -> This option zooms in the current view of the Geometry.
  • Zoom out -> This option zooms out the current view of the Geometry.
  • Zoom selected -> This option zooms into the selected area of the Geometry.
  • Invert selection -> This option inverts the geometry selection.
  • Rotate -> This option allows to rotate camera with the left mouse button.
  • Pan -> This option allows to translate camera with the left mouse button.
  • Select -> This option allows to select objects with the left mouse button.
  • Show axis -> This option toggles the visualization of the three axes in the view area.
  • Reference plane -> Shows the reference plane panel.
  • Lines -> Toggles render mode to lines.
  • Shaded -> Toggles render mode to shaded.
  • Shaded with lines -> Toggles render mode to shaded with lines.
  • Material / Layer view -> Shows the color of the material or the layer.

  • Control Points -> Shows the control points of a selected NURBS surface.
  • Invert Normals -> View and invert normals of a selected objects. To invert normals click on the view area.