Planar Mapping

Map the texture or label along a flat surface.

  1. Position the texture or label:
    To Do this
    Move the origin Drag the origin.
    Translate Drag the grid.
    Flip Select Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical.
    • Drag the arrows.
    • Type a X Rotation, Y Rotation, or Z Rotation.
    • Select Free Rotation, and then drag the sphere.
    Align to an axis Select Snap to Axis (Shift), and then drag it to the axis.
    Center Click Center.
  2. Resize the texture or label:
    To Do this
    • Type a Global Size.
    • Type a Size X or Size Y.
    • Select Free Scale (Alt), and then drag the edges of the box.
    Define the aspect ratio Type an Image Aspect Ratio.

    You can also select Keep Aspect.

    Fit to surface Click Fit.
Note: To reset all parameters to the default values, click Reset.