Design a Dashboard to Visualize the Data

Note: To visualize data stored in AnythingDB you will first need to create an App (an App is a set of permissions needed to ensure that the access to data is secure and that the user is authorized to perform the request).
  1. Click Access Control > Apps and create a new App by following these steps.
    Figure 1.
  2. Add the policy resource of your App and Save it. By adding #, access to all the resources will be granted.
    Figure 2.
    Note: The Application Client ID and Secret ID is required in configuring the New Workbook in Real time Visualization module. Be sure to capture and save this information.

    Figure 3.
  3. Click Real Time Visualization > Workbooks to create visualizations to understand your data.
    Workbooks contain the following sections:
    • My Workspace: Dashboards developed by you
    • Users: Dashboards other users have shared with you

    Figure 4.
  4. Click New Workbook, name it and click Create.

    Figure 5.
  5. Choose the type of Data Table you want to add. Use SmartWorks to retrieve the data stored in AnythingDB Beta.
  6. Enter the following:
    • Client ID: from the app created earlier
    • Client Secret: from the app created earlier
    • Grant Type: type of app created earlier. Here we use client_credentials.
    • Scope: from the app created- thing
    • URL: to make the request.
      • To retrieve the properties history of a Thing
    • Record path: Choose data

    Figure 6.
  7. Click Generate Columns, and then click Refresh Preview.
    The columns are populated and the requested data is displayed.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Back to return to the Edit Dashboard view.
  10. On the blank canvas (right half section), sketch a simple square by clicking and dragging on the blank interface. This enables the Visualization menu.

    Figure 7.
  11. Select the Visualization mode and configure it using the Visualization settings. Detailed information regarding Data Tables is available from the Panopticon Designer documentation.