Import Thea Materials

Import Thea materials into the Render Library.

  • Some procedural textures are not fully supported in Inspire Render version 2021. Thea materials that use procedural textures are converted to bitmaps, so the imported material may look slightly different than the original.
  • Some mappings may be the incorrect size when imported. To resize maps, use the Texture Positioning tool.
  1. On the ribbon, select the Rendering tool.

    The Render Library is displayed.

  2. Select the Materials tab.
  3. Under Material Library, right-click User.
  4. Click Create Package.

  5. Enter a name for your package.
  6. Right-click the package, and then select Import materials.

  7. Browse to the folder containing the Thea materials.
    Tip: Use the All Files filter to show the .mat files, if they're not displayed by default.

  8. Select one or more .mat files and click OK to import them.
    Thumbnails of the materials are displayed under the user package (depending on the file size, this may take a few minutes).
  9. Optional: Assign the Thea materials to categories.