Using Solver Parameters the user can specify settings that are used by the solver being used to execute the calculations. When the Parameters menu item is selected from the Solver menu, the following panel appears:

Figure 1. Solver Panel

The Solver method is used to specify which solution method is used to execute the calculations. Each method has a different operation mode.

  • Physical Objects (PO) performs a high frequency approximation based in the combination of optics and full wave methods. It computes the RCS considering only the illuminated subdomains by the incident wave and with the PO current.
  • Method of Moments (MoM) is an accurate full wave method that can be used to solve many kinds of simulations. The Method of Moments approach is used in subdomains.

A multiprocessing architecture strategy can be selected using the appropiate options as well. MPI is an multiprocessing architecture that works on many computer architectures, but it requires more shared memory than OpenMP, which is a memory architecture that can be selected when the constraints for memory requirements are important.

Electromagnetic equation and Solver Functions can only be set when the solver method have been set to MoM. These settings are covered later on its own section.

The user can set the relative error that is used by the simulation process. This is the maximum delta error accepted by the simulation. The maximum number of iterations can be set as well. The simulation process makes use of an iterative process. This setting can limit the number of iterations performed by the calculation in order to prevent simulations that don't converge simulating infinititely.