View Charges

This option allows to visualize the charge density on the geometry, classified by parametric and frequency steps. Click on Show Results - View Charges to open the window shown in next figure:

Figure 1. The results represented in the figure above are corresponding to the MOM - Example 10.

The following elements are available within this panel:

  • Left color legend it shows the magnitude and range of values of the represented Charge Density.
  • Step and Frequency to select the results from the available files to plot the charges density.
    • Step specify the parametric step when a parametric simulation has been run.
    • Frequency specify the desired frequency.
  • Magnitude The Charge Density may be represented in natural or dBs magnitudes.
    • dB The charges density is represented in logarithmic scale, given in dB-Coulomb per square meter.
    • nat The charges density is represented in natural scale, given in Coulomb per square meter.
  • Field Component To specify the component of the current density to plot. Only one component may be selected:
    • X Plot the X component of current density.
    • Y Plot the Y component of current density.
    • Z Plot the Z component of current density.
    • Total Plot the total current density, which is the combination of the X, Y and Z components.
  • Filtering Range Use this section to skip results that are outside the desired range.
    • Enable Filtering The filter only is applied when this check box is selected.
    • Max To specify the maximum value of the range.
    • Min To specify the minimum value of the range.
    • Filter Click on this button to update the results filtering.
  • Bottom Options Below the charges diagram, the following options are included:
    • Options Disable this option to hide the left menu and visualize just the charges distribution.
    • Show Axis Enable this option to show the coordinate axes.
    • Show Geometry Enable this option to visualize the meshed geometry together the charges density.
    • Antenna Results Enable this option to visualize the antenna charges or disable it to hide them. It is only available when a radome has been analyzed.
    • Save as To export the charges representation as an image file.