Pattern File

This option allows the user to introduce several files (at different frequencies) that define the radiation pattern. Firstly, the user has to import a radiation pattern file using the Import DIA file option of the Antenna menu. This options is not available if RCS&Field has been selected as the simulation type.

Figure 1. Pattern File Antenna panel.

The following parameters may be edited:

Set Radiation pattern file
Click on the Add button to add the imported file to the table where it is possible to specify the frequency, the type and the polarization of the file.
Position - Coords
location of the antenna (X, Y and Z).
radiation power of the file in dBm.
Orientation - Director cosines
orientation of the antenna coordinate system related to the absolute coordinate system.
Visualization size
This option allows the user to scale the antennas represented in the geometry view. The user needs to indicate the factor of scale in meters.

The required format of the radiation pattern file is described in DIA Files.