Dipole Antenna

The "Dipole Antenna" option allows the user to add an individual dipole to the simulation. When the option is selected, the following panel will be shown:

Figure 1. Add Dipole Antenna panel

In this panel, the user can set:
  • Set dipoles
    the user can set the number of magnetic and electric dipoles. When setting the number of dipoles of each type we can press the Position button to adjust their properties. First of all, we need to select the dipole we want to modify by selecting from in the combo box at the top and editing its properties:
    • Dipolar moment
      magnitude and phase of the dipolar moment.
    • Positon - Coords
      location of the dipole.
    • Orientation - Director cosines
      orientation of the dipole coordinate system.
Figure 2. Dipole settings window

  • Components
    the amplitude and phase of the antenna.
  • Position - Coords
    location of the antenna (X, Y and Z).
  • Orientation - Director cosines
    orientation of the antenna coordinate system related to the absolute coordinate system.
  • Relative to referencePlane
    if this check box is selected, the position of the dipole is relative to the reference plane.