Relational Operators

Relational operators let you specify the relationship between an index field and an index value in your search criteria.

NOTE: Relational operators can only be used when configuring an advanced search. (They cannot be used when configuring a simple search.)

The relational operators are located in the Operator drop-down list, on the Advanced Search page .

NOTE: This list is not visible, until you select a document group and document type from the corresponding drop-down lists.

The following relational operators are available:

When using relational operators in conjunction with Boolean operators, make sure that your search criteria make sense. For example, if your search criterion is House Style = Ranch and you add the search phrase House Style = Colonial to it, you cannot link the two phrases with the AND operator, because none of the House Style index fields would contain both Colonial and Ranch index values (since no house is both a colonial and a ranch). To use these two search phrases in your search criteria, you would have to link them with the OR operator.









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